Low oxygen

What is low O2?

Extended exposure to an environment with low oxygen will kill insects. We create a sealed environment for the object and remove the oxygen. The process is effective against all life-stages of an insect.

Is it safe?

Low-oxygen treatment is safe for people, artworks and the environment. No chemicals are used to kill the insects. A low-oxygen environment has no effect on the object being treated.

What can be treated?

Everything from small pieces of jewellery through to furniture, paintings, cars, boats, books, documents, clothes and mummies.

Where can treatments be done?

Modified Atmospheres can carry out treatment in our specialised chamber on our premises. For larger objects or for items that are too fragile or too valuable to travel, treatment can be carried out in situ.

How do you remove the oxygen?

Generally, we flush a chamber or barrier bag with nitrogen (an inert gas) to remove the oxygen. We take care to ensure humidity remains constant within the environment, in order to prevent damage to objects.