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The damage to artefacts by pests can range from defacement on the surface of works to the total destruction of objects.

Modified Atmospheres is pleased to invite you to our workshop at 110 Bourke Road, Alexandria on Friday 10 November for a workshop on pest management for museums and galleries.

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The Museum Pests Workshop provides an excellent overview of museum pests and damage. The workshop also gives valuable information about approaches to control pests and preventive measures that can be used to reduce pest problems.

International expert Alex Roach will introduce key museum pests, practical methods of reducing pest infestations, low/non-toxic means of eradicating pests and solutions for the long-term storage of artefacts.

The workshop is recommended for staff from museums, galleries and libraries, or any institution responsible for the safekeeping of cultural material.

There will be opportunities for attendees to gain hands-on experience and to discuss particular problems encountered in their own institutions.

Program outline

  • Museum pests and damage: A look at several important museum pests and the damage caused
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Preventive measures and strategies to make the environment less desirable to pests (includes pheromone and blunder traps, insecticides, application equipment and chemical methods used to control pests)
  • Non-toxic methods of fumigation: A look at non-toxic fumigation methods including freezing, oxygen scavengers, and the treatment of large objects using nitrogen. This will include a demonstration of non-toxic fumigation with oxygen scavengers and nitrogen.

Places are limited to 12 participants. To reserve your place, please fill out this form and an invoice will be sent to you for payment.

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