We’re really fortunate to work with wonderful arts and heritage organisations throughout Australia. We get to meet and work with dedicated professionals and volunteers who go out of their way to preserve Australia’s heritage and artworks.

This week, we went out to Riversdale, near Goulburn in New South Wales. This is one of the many properties looked after by the National Trust.

We regularly go out to the property to inspect it for any new pest problems and provide treatments as required.

It’s a beautiful property with a rich heritage. During the course of the building’s history, it has been an inn, a school, and a private residence. It is now home to a fine collection of Australian Colonial furniture and arts and craft.

We’re also lucky that we get to see a lot of these places when they are closed to visitors, so we get to have it to ourselves. Of course, we were there to work! So as Alex carried out his inspection, I was treated to a tour by Dawn, one of Riversdale’s volunteers. She has been volunteering at Riversdale for several years, and knows all of its stories and secrets.

Volunteers are the beating heart of so many of Australia’s cultural centres and historic buildings and Dawn is a shining example of that. As she assisted Alex with his inspection, it was obvious that she passionately cares for the property, its history, and its ongoing attraction to visitors.

And just FYI, Riversdale has an excellent gift shop. I bought a beanie 🙂

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