Modified Atmospheres is very pleased to be presenting at a symposium at the Woodford Academy, a National Trust property in Sydney’s Blue Mountains.

During the symposium, we will highlight and discuss the recent treatment of the buildings at Woodford Academy with heat, explore the challenges posed by an undertaking on this scale, and share the solutions found to the problems encountered. This is particularly relevant to regional collections held in historic buildings.

In early February 2019 the complex of buildings comprising the Woodford Academy, which was established in the 1830s and is currently owned by the National Trust of Australia (NSW) will be fumigated using heat. Rooms will be systematically sealed and heated from ambient temperature to 56°C (to eradicate borers), while the collections, including furniture, are treated using low oxygen.

The Woodford Academy in the Blue Mountains has a long history of pests causing damage to buildings and collections including termites, borers, silverfish, and the furniture beetle (Anobium punctatum), which has caused significant damage to timber at the property, leading to loss of strength and stability of many floorboards and structural timber.

After reviewing available treatment methods heat has been selected to eradicate the borers in the building.

This symposium will look at the damage that furniture beetle can cause in historic buildings, current control options and their limitations and present an evaluation of the findings and outcomes of the Woodford project. It will explore recent developments in the treatment of common insect pest infestations and possible strategies for countering this threat to the survival of collections and heritage buildings.

Speakers include –


*Symposium includes speakers, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea*

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