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We are World Leading experts in
non toxic pest management
for art and heritage items

For more than 30 years, Modified Atmospheres has worked with art galleries, museums, private collectors, heritage institutions, universities and research centres to eradicate insects from irreplaceable artworks and natural history specimens.

We use non-toxic treatments such as low-oxygen and freezing, depending on the item and its materials.

We also help institutions to prevent pest issues by developing and implementing Integrated Pest Management programs. 


Non-toxic fumigation
Safely kill pests in artworks,
natural history specimens &
heritage pieces.

It is never pleasant to discover insects or borers in an artwork, natural history specimen or heritage item. But with swift action, non-toxic fumigation can kill insects before too much damage is done.

Depending on the item, Modified Atmospheres uses low-oxygen, heat or freezing to treat objects. These treatments can be used on pieces of any size – from single artworks to entire houses.

Combined with an ongoing Integrated Pest Management program, non-toxic treatments will protect your items from pest damage.

Integrated Pest Management
future proofing collections

A comprehensive pest management system will ensure your collection is safe from pests, as well as other environmental hazards.

Pests pose one of the most direct and destructive risks to museum collections, which usually contain vast amounts of organic material.

The damage caused by pests can be irreversible and is often complete.

Working with clients, Modified Atmospheres develops IPM programs to identify and prevent pest issues. We also work to educate all staff through workshops and learning events.

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