Riversdale ramble

We’re really fortunate to work with wonderful arts and heritage organisations throughout Australia. We get to meet and work with dedicated professionals and volunteers who go out of their way to preserve Australia’s heritage and artworks.
This week, we went out to Riversdale, near Goulburn in New South Wales. This is one of the many properties looked after by the National Trust.

Museum Hour on Twitter

Every Monday evening, museum professionals around the world go on Twitter at the same time for #MuseumHour to discuss exhibitions, techniques and more. It’s a rich source of information and support – join in!

Conservation issues in Poland

The main issues that emerged from the Polish conservation conference were storage, working with collectors and enthusiastic amateurs, and the tension between conservation and restoration.

Heading to Poland for the VIIIth International Conservation Conference

We’re very pleased to be presenting this year in Poland, at the VIIIth International Conservation Conference – “Problems connected with keeping and conservation of collections in museums” – to be held at the National Museum of Agriculture and Food Industry in Szreniawa. We’ll be presenting specifically on the problems that happen when collections contain artworks […]

ICOM Italy in Bologna – part two

Our second post on ICOM Italy’s Bologna conference last week, featuring Iain Watson, Dorit Wolenitz, Maria-Xeni Garezou, and Nina Zdravic talking about Europe’s regional museums.

Managing museum storage areas

It’s a sad necessity that most of what a museum or gallery owns needs to be kept in storage most of the time. The figure varies across institutions, but items in storage can represent a huge proportion of a collection. The Art Gallery of NSW estimates that only 5% of its collection is on display […]